JP and Amy Millsap

We’re JP and Amy Millsap and we have 3 kids at the Academy & Preschool – Evan, Caleb & Faye. Having a faith-based education for our children is very important to us. It warms our hearts to see our children build trusting relationships with their teachers knowing they have their attention and support through any unique obstacle.

We chose NorthCreek because we feel that¬†Principal Steele has a clear vision for the school. Strong leadership is critical and we are confident that he is attentive, sensitive, and wise. Second, we like the smaller class sizes and a plethora of electives in junior high. We are also particularly impressed with NorthCreek’s objective to raise confident communicators. When you factor in reasonable tuition, it was an easy decision to send our children to NorthCreek – one that has been confirmed over and over given the excitement our children feel about going to school.

All three of our children have grown since beginning at NorthCreek. They almost fight over who is going to say the blessing before dinner. They love telling us what they heard or learned about at Chapel on Friday mornings. I also love that they are asking more questions about our faith at home.

NorthCreek has made a big difference in our children’s life. Last year, and currently, our middle son has struggled with dysfluency. Without the support from his first grade teacher, Mrs. Jackson, and his speech therapist, I doubt he would still feel as confident in himself as he does. The teachers truly are invested in the whole child and raise them to be respectable human beings.