Limited Space Available for 2019-2020


NorthCreek Preschool offers extraordinary opportunities for educational, social and physical growth. Opportunities are provided for being with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome relationships and a respect for others. Learning activities are designed to develop kindergarten readiness while remembering that children learn best through active involvement in age-appropriate experiences.

Enrollment is open to all preschool children of the community. The minimum age for our licensed preschool is three years by October 31st. Each child must be toilet trained. We also offer a twos program called Mom’s Morning Out which is a special program not requiring state licensure. Admission is made without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin. Each child admitted must be determined to be ready for the type of group experience that the school offers. Children with special needs are considered individually.


Come Visit Us!

VISITOR DAYS | 9:00-11:30AM | Welcome Center

November 1 (Friday) K – 8th Grade

January 15 (Wednesday) Kindergarten Visitor Day
(This event ends at 10:30 am)

January 17 (Friday) K – 8th Grade

February 6 (Thursday) K – 8th Grade

Visitor Days allow prospective families to take a closer look at NorthCreek Academy. Led by our Student Council members, these days are a unique opportunity to see what an actual day in the classroom is like. NorthCreek Academy holds three-to-four Visitor Days per year.

To schedule a tour, call our registrar, Ranetta Ericks, at 925.627.4435.

For those interested in our Preschool, we offer tours upon request. Please call the preschool office at 925.954.6353 to schedule a tour.


August 15 (Thursday) | K – 8thCMC Room 204

October 22 (Tuesday) | K – 8th – CMC Room  204

November 14 (Thursday) | K – 8th – CMC Room 204  CANCELLED

January 14 ( Tuesday) | Kindergarten Preview Night – WC Room 120

January 21 (Tuesday) | K – 8th – WC Room 120

January 23 (Thursday) | Junior High Preview Night – WC Room 124

February 4 (Tuesday) | K – 8th – WC Room 120

March 26 (Thursday) | K – 8th – CMC Room 204

May 12 (Tuesday) | K – 8th – CMC Room 204

Information Meetings are offered once a month and are great for prospective families to our school or current families looking into the next program. For example, preschool families looking into Kindergarten or 5th grade families looking into Junior High.

Tuition & Fees

The school is funded by means of tuition as well as the gifts and volunteer services of its parents. Educational services are provided for the student on the basis of an annual tuition.

The first tuition installment of the school year is non-refundable.

2019-2020 Rates


DaysAnnual Tuition / Monthly Tuition (9 payments)Lunch Bunch
Mom's Morning Out
Mondays$1,215 / $135N/A
Three-Year-Old Class (3s)*
T/Th (2 days/week)$3,150 / $35012:00 - 1:30
M/W/F (3 days/week)$4,275 / $47512:00 - 1:30
Pre-Kindergarten (Pre K)
T/Th (2 days/week)*$3,015 / $33512:00 - 1:30
M/W/F (3 days/week)**$4,005 / $44512:00 - 1:30 or
12:00 - 2:30
M-F (5 days/week)**$5,715 / $63512:00 - 1:30 or
12:00 - 2:30
Junior Kindergarten***
M-Th (4 days/week)$4,950 / $550M-Th 12:00-2:30
M-F (5 days/week)$5,715 / $635M-Th 12:00-2:30

*Must be 3 by October 31, 2019. Students entering the 3s, M/W/F Pre-K, and M-F Pre-K classes with September or October birthdays may apply contingent upon determination of program readiness.

**Must be 4 by October 31, 2019. Students entering the T/Th Pre-K class with September – January birthdays may apply contingent upon determination of program readiness.

***Must be 5 years old by January 31, 2020. The T/Th Pre-K class is not available to students who are eligible for Junior Kindergarten.

Preschool Multi-Student Tuition Discount: For families with more than one preschooler, the regular tuition rate applies to the oldest student, and a 10% tuition discount applies to each additional student. For twins, the regular tuition rate applies to one child, and a 10% tuition discount applies to the other child. Preschool multi-student discounts apply to Preschool students only and do not include Academy or Mom’s Morning Out students.

Registration Fee

The annual non-refundable Registration Fee of $95 must accompany all new students applications and returning student re-enrollment packets. The MMO Registration Fee is $65, and there are no tuition discounts that apply to MMO. The first tuition installment is non-refundable.


 Annual Tuition RateMonthly Tuition Rate
1st Child$6,710$671
2nd Child$6,170$617
3rd Child$5,570$557
Grades 1-5
1st Child$9,300$930
2nd Child$8,550$855
3rd Child$7,870$787
Grades 6-8
1st Child$9,660$966
2nd Child$8,880$888
3rd Child$8,160$816

Academy Multi-Student Tuition Discount: The oldest student in the family is the first child, the second oldest student is the second child, and so forth. For example, your seventh grade student would be the first child at $966 per installment, your third grade student would be the second child at $855 per installment, and your kindergartener would be the third child at $557 per installment. No tuition will be charged for a fourth child. Academy multi-student tuition discounts apply to Academy students only and do not include Preschool or Mom’s Morning Out students.


Application Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $150 per child must accompany all new student applications. This nonrefundable fee pays for administrative processing and assessment of the applicant for the current year only. The maximum Application Fees charged per family, per year is $450.


Upon commitment to continue enrollment for our current families, or notification of acceptance for a new applicant, a nonrefundable Enrollment Commitment of $275 per student is immediately due in order to secure admission. The maximum Enrollment Commitment charged per family, per year is $725.

Next Steps

We hope you prayerfully consider NorthCreek and encourage you to take the proper steps in applying for our school.