Bryce Alley (Class of 2014)

Looking back at my years at NorthCreek, I truly appreciated having teachers who loved and cared about me. Who also truly cared about my relationship with the Lord. Who also would help me whenever I need help with education questions and would truly care about how I was doing in class and if I was understanding the material they were teaching.

I would describe to my friends that the people at NorthCreek truly care about you and want you to succeed if you are willing to put in the work to get better. NorthCreek truly helped me to be prepared for high school and even helps me to be prepared for college. I would tell my friends that I appreciated how NorthCreek helped me to develop my public speaking abilities, by having me do small projects and present my projects in front of the class from a young age.

I have many favorite memories at NorthCreek but one of my favorite memories of NorthCreek was the Good Friday services they would do every year. I loved NorthCreek and how they would keep the day truly Christ centered. Over my years at NorthCreek I enjoyed the different ways they did the Good Friday service. Such as when NorthCreek would have students go around the school to different classrooms and would have teachers and parents. They would have the different classrooms be focused on different parts of the Easter story. One of my favorite parts of NorthCreek was how they would have students lead the group in worship.

I grew up at the church and at the school. My faith for sure grew during my experiences at NorthCreek. I enjoyed having chapel every week and how NorthCreek would keep it Christ focused. During these chapels I definitely grew in my faith.

NorthCreek definitely helped me to be prepared for high school and college. I appreciated how NorthCreek prepared me for public speaking. They did this by slowly adding possibilities to speak in front of the class and let me be able to be comfortable talking in front of the class. NorthCreek also prepared me for writing professional papers by having me write papers all through K-8, especially writing the science fair papers. It prepared me for writing papers in high school and teaching me how to write it properly.