Dan and Lindsey Smedley

We’re Dan and Lindsey Smedley and we have 2 kids at the Academy & Preschool – Piper and Quinn. We value NorthCreek’s Bible-centered teaching and chose NorthCreek because it offers the Biblical foundation within a curriculum that is building life long learners. We love the classical aspect of the education as well as the public speaking skills they learn to develop—in the first month of Kindergarten! We can’t wait to watch our girls grow and develop here.

Our older daughter’s faith has blossomed since we’ve been here! She asked me if I could tell her how she could be born again and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Between church (New Life) and school, her faith has EXPLODED in the last year. Her heart is being nurtured and grounded in God’s truth. We are thrilled!

NorthCreek has made a difference in Piper’s development by providing a tutoring program that’s integrated within the school.