Can You Sue for Discrimination in Small Claims Court

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) protects against discrimination when renting and buying a home.6 The FTA states that discrimination is refusing to make reasonable arrangements for rules, practices or procedures when necessary to give a person with a disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the home.7 Similarly, the FTA requires owners: to allow appropriate modifications of premises and rules (where necessary to ensure equal opportunities in use and enjoyment). 8 If you are considering taking legal action for age discrimination, you must have filed an indictment, but you do not need notice of the right to take legal action. You may take legal action at any time after 60 days from the day you filed your indictment (but no later than 90 days after receiving notification that our investigation is complete). Most claims must be filed within a set period of time, called a statute of limitations. The purpose of the limitation period is to prevent the presentation of cases that are too old. Memories fade, witnesses die or move away, and once the clear details tend to fade. As a general rule, you should submit your case as soon as possible. Limitation periods are generally not less than one year. If the action is not brought within the time limit set within the limitation period, the judge may be asked to dismiss the action, unless there is a good legal justification for extending the time limit. If you are considering filing an older lawsuit, you should contact a small claims advisor to see if there are any facts or circumstances that could allow or require the court to extend the filing deadline. Small Claims Court provides a simple and informal procedure for people to resolve certain legal issues in a cost-effective and timely manner. Yes.

The defendant can bring a minor lawsuit against you. This is called the defendant`s lawsuit (SC-120). In this case, the court decides on both applications at the same time. A friend, trial server, or sheriff can hand over court documents. The server must be at least 18 years old and should not be listed in this case. In addition, enterprises whose status has “expired” are not considered to be registered with the Secretary of State for the purposes of the Small Claims Service. However, companies with “suspended” status are considered to be registered with the Secretary of State for the purposes of the Small Claims Service. You can get an exemption from all or part of the filing fee if you are receiving public benefits, if you are a low-income person or if you do not have enough income to pay the basic needs and legal costs of your household, so you do not have to pay the full amount. Be sure to file the fee waiver with the court at the same time as your small claims claim. Douglas County Small Claims Information If there is more than one county or jurisdiction where your claim can be filed properly, you can choose the court that is best for you and your witnesses.

If you file an application in a district or court where the defendant does not reside, you must inform them before the hearing (20 days instead of 15 days), so it will take longer for your case to be heard. It depends on how you serve your claim. If you are the claimant, serve the claimant`s claim (Form SC-100, form can be found at Regardless of the type of service you use, the service must be completed within the explicit time frame before the hearing. If you do not serve the defendant within these express time limits, the defendant can ask the court to postpone the hearing and, in most cases, the date of the hearing will be changed. When counting the days, do not count the day the service was completed, but the date of the hearing. Also keep in mind that a completed and signed Small Claims Form (Form SC-104) indicating that the process was served within these time limits must be filed with small claims court at least five days before the hearing date. For more information, ask the Clerk what is “proof of service”? (Form SC-104B). Like all court forms, you can read and print them by visiting the Judicial Council`s self-help website in Acts such as harassment, retaliation, invasion of privacy and intolerance that take place in the workplace may be considered discrimination if they target any of the grounds listed above. You can also refer to contra Costa County`s virtual self-help website here: that guides you through every step of filing a small claims complaint. Go to their website and click the Small Claims tab.

If you want to try mediation, ask the small claims advisor to put you in touch with a mediator. Then contact the mediator and the mediator will contact the defendant(s). If both parties agree to mediation, you will go to a neutral location to try to resolve your case. The mediator explains the procedure he will use. What you say in mediation is private and confidential. Information obtained through mediation is not admissible in court. Lawyers may participate in mediation. If you want to sue for more than $10,000, you can file with the Civil Division of the Supreme Court or you can sue in Small Claims Court and waive any amount above the $10,000 limit. If you`re suing the Supreme Court, you`ll likely need a lawyer to represent you. Your lawsuit may require the court to order the company to reimburse you for attorneys` fees.

No. You can also file your case with the California Superior Court or the U.S. District Court. However, it is easier to file a claim in small claims court. The rules are simple and informal. And you don`t need a lawyer. The Secretary of State`s website contains registers of partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and partnerships. The Secretary of State also keeps records of the names and addresses of senior managers of companies and their representatives for the service of the case, each of which can be served with the claim in a small claim. For instructions on how to retrieve this information, call (916) 653-6814 or (916) 657-5448 (recorded message). You can download the instructions and a purchase order from the Minister of Foreign Affairs` website at

For an additional fee, the Secretary of State will fax you the requested information. Think carefully about the amount of money called damages you want to claim. The judge will ask you to prove that you are entitled to the amount you claimed. This means that you can only get a verdict on an amount that you can prove. You can prove your claim through almost any type of evidence: a written contract, a warranty, a receipt, a void check, a letter, an estimate of professional damages, photos, drawings, your own statements, and the testimony of witnesses who come to court with you. You can fill out these forms online at: For more information on requesting judicial accommodation, contact Disability Rights California and request the publication: Access to the Courts: A Guide to Reasonable Accommodations for People with Disabilities, Publication # 5026.01 Ask your clerk at least one (1) week before your hearing if the court can provide you with an interpreter. In some courts, they may provide interpreters free of charge if you are entitled to a fee waiver. Otherwise, you will need to bring your own interpreter. Do not ask a child or witness to interpret for you. You have the right to delay your hearing so that you can get an interpreter.

Limitation periods and the court rules that interpret and apply them are complicated, and exceptions may apply to your claim. For example, if the defendant has lived outside the state or been in jail for a period of time, the time limit for filing your claim may be extended. Or you might assume that a contract was an oral contract that has a two-year limit, while it can be interpreted as a written contract with a four-year limit. If you`re not sure if your claim is too old to file, you can file it and let the judge decide if it was filed too late. Better yet, you should check with a small claims consultant before filing. Special deadlines – If you intend to use an alternative service, the date of the hearing must be set very well in advance. Indeed, the service and sending of court documents must be carried out an additional 10 days before the date of the hearing. If the defendant has his domicile or principal place of business in the county in which the case is filed, service and dispatch must take place at least 25 days before the date of the hearing (standard 15 days + 10 days for replacement service = a total of 25 days). However, if the defendant has his domicile or place of business outside the district, service and dispatch must take place at least 30 days before the date of the hearing (standard 20 days + 10 days for replacement delivery = a total of 30 days).

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