Can You Have Company in Your Business Name

Yes, your trademark application, including your personally identifiable information, is public. By law, your trademark information must be easily accessible to the public. Here`s how to tell if an LLC name is used outside of your state: If you find that the name your business was founded under cannot be used in a state where it is eligible, you should usually adopt an acceptable fictitious name (also known as an alternative name) and do business. The dummy name must be specified in the authorization application you submit to be eligible in the state. Some states require you to resubmit the right to use your business name as the front name in connection with your company`s legal name. It is important to stay informed about these submissions so as not to accidentally hinder your ability to do business under your business name. Paying a fee each time could be a financial barrier to a business name separate from your company`s legal name. CT Tip: Each state differs in how it decides whether a name is different enough to be distinguished and therefore acceptable for submission. You can choose the name of your LLC so that you can be as creative as you want. within the limits of certain confusing legal rules and regulations.

Each state has its own rules, so check with your state agency and consult with a small business attorney to make sure your name is approved. So if you have the nagging feeling that choosing a name is crucial for your new business, you`re right. After gaining extensive experience in the field of naming and branding, I experienced the good, the bad and the really bad. To give you a good start, read on to discover the eight most important mistakes people have made when choosing a name for their business. The formation of a company or LLC only provides protection in the state of registration. If Robert decides to expand to another state, he may be able to register his company in the new state, provided the name is not already registered there. Motivated by the need for a suitable domain name, many companies have resorted to names that are cumbersomely constructed or intentionally misspelled. The result is that company names look more like prescription drugs than real companies.

Error #2 is sometimes combined with this one and leads to a name like KwaliTronix. It`s amazing how good some names sound after searching for domain names that are available all night. But resist envy. Avoid using an “K” instead of a “Q” or a “Ph” instead of an “F”. This makes it much more difficult to spell the name – and find you on the Internet – all the more difficult. Once you`ve left the literal, descriptive choice of words behind, you`ll likely find that your Hought process turns into metaphors. These can be great if they`re not too used to being mundane. For example, as many companies consider themselves the best in their industry, the world is full of names such as Summit, Apex, Pinnacle, Peak, etc. While there`s nothing inherently wrong with these names, they`re overloaded. Instead, look for combinations of positive words and metaphors, and you`ll be much better served. A good example is the Iron Mountain data store, a name that conveys strength and security without sounding ordinary.

After doing your research and landing on a distinctive business name that meets your state`s requirements, remember that my team at CorpNet is here to help you with your name reservation and your company registration documents. Contact us today, no matter where you want to run your business in the U.S., to help you prepare your forms and submit them quickly and accurately. The name of your LLC must be approved by the state agency that processes your application for LLC formation. In most states, this agency is the office of the Secretary of State, but in some states it may be another agency. When determining the best way to register a company name, several factors are taken into account, such as the structure of the company, the geographical area in which the company will operate and the extent of the protection required. Many business owners know they have a problem with their name and just hope it will magically resolve itself. For example, the original business name of one of my clients was “Portables,” which reminded some people of port-to-pot or portable classrooms – which the business owner didn`t want to be associated with. The legal name of your LLC or company must be different from the names of other companies registered with the state filing office. Otherwise, the state may refuse to file the documents to form your LLC or business. The same distinguishable rule applies in some States when an adopted name or DTA is requested. In the fever of starting your new business or growing a current one, take your time to think about some of these issues. By harnessing your creativity and avoiding these potential pitfalls, you can create a name that works both in the short and long term.

As the original cornerstone of a building, it supports upward expansion as your business reaches new heights. Let`s say you`ve come up with a fabulous name and you can`t see your business operating under a different name. You`ve done your homework and confirmed that it`s up for grabs – for now. Registering a business name also means that you can accept payments addressed either to the legal name of your company or to the business name of your company. This makes it easier for customers and suppliers, as they don`t have to distinguish between your business name and your business name when making payments.

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