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Episode Summary “Ivan the Incorrigible” / Season 2 Episode 22 Air: April 18, 2006 Shirley Schmidt begins an affair with her ex-husband Ivan Tiggs (Tom Selleck) because she believes he has left his new wife Missy (Meredith Patterson). Then Missy – who is still with Ivan – suspects that her husband is cheating on her and asks Schmidt for help. Meanwhile, Alan Shore agrees to be a co-attorney in an attempted murder case with Jerry Espenson (Christian Clemenson), who has been in therapy since he held a cake knife to Schmidt`s throat. Credits of the episode directed by . Bob Yannetti Written by . Phoef Sutton & Andrew Kreisberg Tom Selleck . Ivan Tiggs Adam Arkin . A.D.A. Douglas Copper Meredith Patterson . Missy Christian Clemenson . Jerry Espenson Allan Louis . Ande Mkeba Howard Hesseman . Judge Robert Thompson Lauren Stamile .

Audrey Michael Raymond-James . Kevin Armus Takayo Fischer . Clerk >> More information about guest stars in our forum Episode Forum Share your thoughts >> go Episode Video Watch selected clips of “Ivan the Incorrigible” (21:13) World Cup stream; No downloads Due to the fact that New York City and its surroundings cannot watch the episode “Ivan the Incorrigible” due to preemption rights for local news, this page offers extended clips. Our policy for the second season was not to air longer clips of the show to respect copyright, but that`s an exception. Preview “Ivan the Incorrigible”, Pt.2 (:15) Air Date: April 18, 2006 Preview “Ivan the Incorrigible” (:30) Boston Illegal Radio “Word Salad Day” Podcast Special Guest Co-hosts Adrian LaTourelle and Tessa Auberjonois, co-stars in the episode as Evette Richardson and Chris Mott. Part 1 of 2 mp3 [82 min; 28mb] Part 2 of 2 mp3 [53 min; 18mb] Listen to or subscribe via Yahoo Podcasts Listen to mp3 with streaming or subscribe via Odeo iTunes subscription Download the free iTunes app Listen on your phone The trick worked, and he and Shirley were briefly reunited. When Shirley learned of her deception, she drafted a “post-marital contract” that would give virtually all of Ivan`s property to Missy if he were caught cheating on her. He tried to legally cancel the deal (with Alan as his replacement), but eventually handed everything over to Missy if Shirley gave him another chance at dinner. Episode Dialogue Alan Shore: Mkeba-san, Jerry is an excellent lawyer. They are in very good hands. Missy Tiggs: We live in such a terrible and jaded world these days.

No one believes in the happy ending anymore. But a large part of me believes that love can be eternal. That`s why I love musicals. That`s why I love you. I can`t imagine breaking your heart. And I think if you broke my heart, my life would be over. But you would never do that to me, would you, Ivan? Ivan Tiggs: Not in a million years. Missy Tiggs: * With a big smile * And you don`t have my ghost mask, sir! Audrey Pugliese: You talk about your equipment all the time! Brad Chase: Not at first. Secondly, we have a lot of smart names for it. Did you know. ? Parallel Universe: Trek in the Courtroom Ivan the Incorrigible borrows from themes widespread in Star Trek. Debb, our comparative series researcher, compiled details, quotes and images to present her thesis.

Be sure to listen to him talk about these topics during his segment on the Ivan podcast — and read some sound clips from Star Trek. Topics Not exactly Emily Post On manners and mannerisms The Bard Sayeth: Shakespeare References – “First, kill all the lawyers.” Star Trek Alumni >> Details and photos of Debb`s Trek in the courtroom Compare [pdf] Six degrees of guest star Howard Hesseman as Judge Robert Thompson – Hesseman is a legendary television/film personality whose career began in the 60s in the improv comedy group “The Committee”. He made appearances in popular comedies of the 70s such as Rhoda, Sanford and Son and The Bob Newhart Show. This work and his recurring role in the fantasy comedy Soap led to his memorable role as DJ “Dr. Johnny Fever” on WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-82), a role that earned him two Emmy nominations. Hesseman followed this success with roles in two more popular sitcoms – One Day at a Time (1982-84) and Class Leader (1986-1990). Since then, he has engaged in television and film, both in comic and dramatic roles. Among his many guest appearances was the role of “Judge Williams” in season 3 of The Practice (1999).

More recently, he appeared as a man who needed a heart transplant in a January episode of House. Meredith Patterson as Missy Tiggs – The versatile Patterson returns in her second appearance, after Missy`s marriage to Ivan in a 2×16 (“Live Big”). Born in California, Patterson did not dream of his lifelong dream (according to of starring in movies, but of being a star on Broadway. She moved to New York City right out of high school to pursue this goal, and achieved it in 2001 when she landed the lead role in 42nd Street. Patterson worked on Broadway for several years before returning to Los Angeles. While continuing to work in theatre, she also appeared in films such as The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) and Broken Flowers (2005). In addition to being an actress, she is also a singer-songwriter who recently released her first collection “MerieNYC,” parts of which can be heard on her Myspace site. Christian Clemenson as Jerry `Hands` Espenson – Clemenson makes his fourth appearance as `Hands`, following BL2x10 (“Legal Deficits”), BL2x11 (“The Cancer Man Can”) and BL2x12 (“Helping Hands”). One of her first television roles was in 1985 in an episode of Golden Girls starring Betty White. In 1990, he was part of the cast of the short-lived drama Capital News (with Daniel Roebuck). Her guest roles include roles in LA Law (1986), The Practice (1998) and Ally McBeal (2002).

Clemenson and James Spader have known each other since their acting debuts, and the two appeared together in the film Bad Influence (1990). Clemenson`s other films include supporting roles in Apollo 13 (1995) and The Big Lebowski (1998). He was to play an important role in the near-release of United 93, in which he played one of the heroic passengers of the unfortunate plane. Directed by Bob Yannetti – Yannetti has already directed episode 2×15 (“Smile”). He has also directed David E. Kelley on LA Law, Ally McBeal and Boston Public. After trying his hand at a few television roles as an actor in 1980, Yannetti was accepted into the Director`s Guild of America`s elite training program as assistant director and gained his first experience with the 1983 films Doctor Detroit and Scarface. Another Six Degrees for each guest star in this episode can be found in our Episode Reviews forum | 2.22 `Ivan the Incorrigible` Episode News Ratings [101 by Nielsen] 18. April 2006 “Ivan the Incorrigible” Households: 6.3/10, 8.79 million viewers, a weaker series. A18-49: 2.1/5 for the night [Day of the word salad of the last episode: 9.64 mil, 7/11, #2 and 2.9/8 for 18-49]. The show did not air on WABC in New York Due to local coverage, which likely had a significant impact on ratings.

Introduction: The premiere of “Less Than Perfect” at 9:30 pm brought a 3.4/5, 4.7 million “Jim” and “Hope and Faith” were at 3.3/5, 3.1/5 and 3.9/6, so BL significantly increased the share. ABC came in at 4th place for the night. At 10 p.m., ABC was No. 2, while CBS came in first with a rerun of Criminal Minds and NBC with a rerun of Law & Order: SVU at 3.3/9 each. The lowest of the previous series was for “Live Big” on February 21 with 6.3/10, 9.5 mil, 2.8 in 18-49. It was Tom Selleck`s first appearance and he played against the Olympics. >> More information about the ratings in our forum New York missing Ivan Boston Legal was not released in New York due to “Breaking News: Tram Rescue”! This affected upstate New York as well as some of the states of New Jersey and the AP. WABC apparently postponed the episode to 2:05 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Since one of Nielsen`s main regions has been excluded, this site plans to make two video segments of “Ivan the Incorrigible” available on Wednesday.

This will only be Windows Media Streaming – no downloads in accordance with this website`s decision not to “distribute” copyrighted material. By the way, more recently, I heard that no one was seriously injured in the incident with the New York streetcar. Shirley discovers that Ivan lied about leaving Missy. When Missy comes to her worried that Ivan is not loyal to her, Shirley writes a post-marriage agreement to prevent her from cheating. Alan leads a murder case with Jerry, who is going badly. Click here to see when Boston Legal, Ivan the Incorrigible appears on British television [an error occurred while processing this directive] Transcript Read the episode transcribed by Imamess: [pdf] Transcription number: Season 2, Episode 22 Broadcast date: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 22:00 Runtime: 60 minutes After announcing his engagement to his sixth wife Missy, He tried to revive his old relationship with Shirley. He said he would drop Missy if Shirley brought him back. When Shirley refused, he married Missy and later lied that he had left her to find Shirley. Boston Legal is a drama show that first aired in 2004. Writer: Andrew Kreisberg Phoef Sutton Director: Robert Yannetti Ivan Tiggs is the wealthy ex-husband of Shirley Schmidt, who can be seen in four episodes of Boston Legal. He is played by actor Tom Selleck, known for his film and television roles, including his lead character in Magnum P.I., Peter Mitchell in “Three Men and a Baby” and “Three Men and a Little Lady,” “Mr.

Baseball” and “Lassiter.” | Episode credits| of dialogue Did you know.

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